Phoenix x50 Server Information & Features

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Phoenix x50 Server Information & Features
« on: December 06, 2017, 04:09:33 am »

Grand Crusared Client
EXP/SP Rate: x50
Party EXP/SP: x2
Max level: 110
Max skill enchant: +20
Max Soul Crystal level: 8
Max enchant items: +18
Auto learn skills (until awaken)
No quest needed to change class
No quest needed to enter at Epic Raids
All skills working
Working Brooches
Working Monster Collection Book
Working New Macros
Working Auction House
Working Clan Rewards
Working Fishing System
Working Daily Missions
Working Mentor System
Working Beauty Shop
Working Big Epics: Antharas, Lindvior, Valakas, Helios, Anakim, Lilith, Kelbim.
Working Instances: Balok, Baylor, Spezion, Teredor, Freya, Istina, Octavis, Tauti, Trasken, Zaken, Mystic Tavern, Nornil's Garden, Command Post, Ashen Shadow Revolutionaries
Wedding System
Offline Trade
Offline Fishing
Simple Economy system
Auto clan level: 5 full skills
More than 17 types of automated events
Special events every weekend
Special dimensional siege event every Saturday
Private Anti bot protection
Constant Updates
Highly-qualified staff
No custom items
No custom skills

The farm zones at phoenix are distributed by level ranges, to level up at the same time as you farm your stuff:
  • Solo Zones (Protected by PK-Guards):
    • Bloody Swampland from level 85 to 90.
    • Garden of Genesis from level 90 to 95.
    • Atelia Fortress from level 95 to 100.
    • Giant's Cave from level 100 to 105.
    • Seed of Hellfire from level 105 to 110.
  • Party Zones (Unprotected, need at least 5 party members):
    • Enchanted Valley from level 100 to 105.
    • Superior's Interior from level 105 to 110.
You can view the drop from the each zone by clicking at the purple '+' located near the zone name at the server gatekeeper.

At Phoenix there are some quests that you can complete while farming at the farm zones, those quests will give rewards such as adena, exp or sp.
  • To participate at those quests you should talk with the NPC Sebina which is usually located near each spawn point.
  • You should be at the farm zone level range.
  • Each character can participate once per quest.
  • The quest change every 1 hour.
The farm zones with those quests are:
  • Atelia Fortress
  • Giant's Cave
  • Seed of Hellfire

The newbie protection at Phoenix lasts for two weeks since the character creation date, the newbie protection works only if the attacker and the target have different levels:
  • The maximum level difference is 5.
  • The protection is not effective inside the boss areas, arenas, events, sieges, wars, party zones, and some other specific situations such as duels or members which are inside the same party.
  • The flagged players or with negative reputation are excluded from the protection as well.
  • If the protection conditions are meet the character will receive a message about it.

The Champions at Phoenix are classified into two types, blue champions and red champions:
  • Blue Champions:
    • The blue champions are intended to be weak and way more common than the red ones, this champions can appear at any area where the monsters are level 100+.
    • The blue champions are currently strong as 2 monsters and they drop as 4 monsters.
  • Red Champions:
    • The red champions are intented to be a bit more strong than the red ones and more rare, this champions can appear at any area where the monsters are level 100+.
    • The red champions are currently strong as 6 monsters and they drop as 10 monsters.
The champion monsters will warn of their presence with a huge circle of light, which culminates with a light beam over the champion.

Spoiler: Show Enchants

The enchants at the Phoenix are safe, this means that the items can't break, instead the enchant level will decrease based on what scroll do you use.
  • The enchant chance is variable and it decrease depending on the item enchant level.
  • The chance of each enchant level will appear with a huge message at your screen.
  • The enchant system follow the next rules depending on the scroll:
    • Normal Scrolls:
      • The normal scrolls are the most common, as well this scrolls have the lowest enchant chance.
      • The a normal scroll fails the item enchant level is randomly decreased from 2 to 4 enchant levels.
    • Blessed Scrolls:
      • The blessed scrolls are less common but its chance is higher, if you fail the enchant with a blessed scroll the enchant level will randomly decrease from 1 to 3 levels.
    • Destruction Scrolls:
      • The destruction scrolls are the best scrolls you can use, this scrolls are rare and have more chance than the rest, if you fail the enchant with a destruction scroll the enchant level remains unchanged.

The olympiad games are every Friday and Saturday at 20:00 PM and it runs for 4 hours, the Heroes are chosen every month (first day of the month at 12:00 AM).

To participate at the olympiads you need to request the "Olympiad Rights" at the olympiad npc:
  • Each requests will be checked by us to filter the players, only one character per player will be allowed.
  • Once your request is accepted your character will be able to join the Olympiad Games during the next 3 months, then you will have to request the access again.
  • You can change your olympiad character upon request, but you can't change it if you already did any fight at the current month.
Other useful information about the olympiads:
  • To become an Hero you need own the most amount of points of all the participants from your class, you need have at least 10 fights and own at least 1 win.
  • The '10 weekly points' will be set only to the players with less than 10 points (not added, if you have 3 points you will receive 7 points, not 10).
  • There is no enchant limit on items.
  • There is no enchant limit on skills.
  • The next skills are currently restricted at the olympiads: Topaz Hit, Spirit of Kelbim, Tanzanite - Barrier

The dimensional siege event emulates a castle siege but with some differences, the event take place on alternate Sundays (every two weeks) and last two hours.
  • When the dimensional siege start, a light beam will appear at Giran, to enter inside the dimensional siege zone, you should be inside the light beam, any player with clan is allowed to enter but the dual box is not allowed there.
  • Inside the dimensional siege all the clans will fight for the same castle, around the castle there are some bases which can be conquered and used as respawn points.
  • To start the process to conquer a base, a clan  member should target the base flag and the process will start.
  • If you conquer it successfully your clan will earn some dimensional siege points and your clan insignia will be placed at the flag, at the other side if your clan loss a base, some points will be removed from your clan aswell.
  • The castle is defended by dimensional guards, the guards will disappear once the castle is conquered by a clan.
  • The process to conquer the castle works at same way as conquer the flag, but this can be done only by the clan leader, as well, conquer the castle will bring some points to your clan and some will be removed if you loss it.
  • Once the siege ends, the clan that owns the dimensional castle will receive some extra points.
  • The winner clan will be the clan which collectes more points and as a winner will receive the next clan skills:
    • Gludio Territory Benefaction
    • Dion Territory Benefaction
    • Giran Territory Benefaction
    • Oren Territory Benefaction
    • Aden Territory Benefaction
    • Innadril Territory Benefaction
    • Goddard Territory Benefaction
    • Rune Territory Benefaction
    • Schuttgart Territory Benefaction

There is a list with all the open world raid bosses at the community board (ALT + B), the raids are ordered by level.
  • You can view the drop from each one by clicking at the '?' near raid boss status, as well you can teleport to the raid boss by clicking on the raid name.
  • There is a 5 minutes delay on the teleport ability, the teleport will debuff your character with with 3 debuffs which will decrease your Speed, P/M Attack and the P/M Def for 15 seconds, your character will be auto flagged as well.
  • The teleport ability is only accessible when the raid boss is alive and is not under attack, some raids like Ramona are restricted.
  • There characters which are under combat status, flagged, with negative reputation, inside arenas or boss zones, etc, can't use the teleport function.
  • The drop from the open world raid bosses belongs to the most damage party.

There is a list with all the open world grand bosses at the community board (ALT + B), the raids are ordered by level.
  • You can view the drop from each one by clicking at the '?' near raid boss status.
  • The grand bosses can be 'Peace' or 'Not Peace', this status will change at each grand boss and shows when the PvP is allowed inside the boss zone.
  • If the status is 'Peace' the PvP is allowed between clan wars and flagged characters.
  • To enter inside the grand bosses need at least 7 party members.
  • The drop from the open world grand bosses is free to take (everyone can take items).

At Phoenix the instances and grand bosses have the 'retail level', this means that your character should meet those level requisites in order to fight the boss or enter to a instance.

Here is a list of all the instances and grand bosses with the corresponding level requirements:
  • Grand Bosses:
    • Queen Ant: 35-45
    • Core: 48-54
    • Orfen: 51-67
    • Baium: 76-84
    • Lilith: 85-89
    • Anakim: 90-94
    • Kelbim: 100-110
    • Valakas: 100-110
    • Antharas: 100-110
    • Lindvior: 100-110
    • Helios: 102-110
  • Instances:
    • Teredor's Warzone: 85-92
    • Balok: 97-107
    • Zaken Daydream: 58-62
    • Zaken Nightmare: 58-62
    • Zaken Distant Daydream: 78-90
    • Spezion Normal: 90-101
    • Spezion Extreme: 90-105
    • Nornil's Garden: 93-104
    • Baylor: 97-106
    • Frintezza: 80-93
    • Freya Normal & Extreme: 82-93
    • Octavis Normal: 95-106
    • Octavis Extreme: 97-107
    • Istina Normal: 90-102
    • Istina Extreme: 97-107
    • Tauti Normal & Extreme: 97-107
    • Trasken: 95-107
    • Tauti Tavern: 99-110
    • Freya Tavern: 99-110
    • Kelbim Tavern: 99-110
    • Command Post: 100-110
    • Ashen Shadow Revolutionary: 99-110

The ingame account manager is located at the community board (ALT + B), there you can manage all your accounts.
  • The ingame account manager is only usable at the secured accounts, no support is given to the unsecured accounts.
  • The account manager will warn the characters which are inside the unsecured  acccounts at every login.
  • To use the account functions you will need to request a security code to verify your identity.
  • The ingame account manager contains all the functions to manage the accounts such as:
    • Secure your account
    • Recover all your account ids
    • Recover the account password
    • Change the account password
    • Recover the account PIN
    • Change the account PIN
    • Character unstuck

The weekend events at Phoenix will start every Friday at 6:00 AM (server time) and will end at every Monday at 6:00 AM (server time).
  • The events can be voted by the players along the rest of days using the command: .weekendevent, the vote system allows one vote for each account, vote multiple times with different accounts is allowed.
  • The amount of votes for each event is visible at the vote page.
  • Each event have a 7-days reuse which starts when the event is started, during the reuse time, the event is removed from the vote list and can't be voted again.
  • There're currently 9 types of weekend events:
    • Compound Chance +5%
    • Luck enchant effect +50%
    • Event Rewards +10%
    • Enchant Skill Chance +5%
    • Adena Drop +10%
    • Fishing Drop x2
    • Gainak Siege Time x2
    • Exp Bonus +50%
    • Donation Coins +25%

There are 18 types of automated events available at Phoenix, the players can vote for the events with the command .eventvote, at the vote page you can see how many votes have each event.
  • Only one vote per real player is allowed, any intention to break this restriction will be considered as 'cheating' and will be punished as such.
  • The registration period is along 5 minutes, all the registered players are announced within the event registration announcements.
  • The characters can use the command .join or .leave to join or leave the automated events, only one character per real player is allowed inside the events, any intention to break this restriction will be considered as 'cheating' and will be punished as such.
  • A penalty of 3 events is given to he players which are kicked from the events because of inactivity or because runs away over and over from the event zone.
  • Most of the events have a ranking which can be accessed through the community board, at the end of each event the 'best players' from each class are rewarded with extra event coins.
  • The events can be classified as Restricted or Not Restricted, the event rules will change based on that:
    • At the Restricted events:
      • The clan skills are removed
      • The hero skills are removed
      • The item enchant is limited to +0
      • The skill enchant is limited to +0
      • The augment skills are removed
    • At the Not Restricted events:
      • Everything is allowed
  • The Hero weapons are always restricted inside the events
  • Here is a list of the current events:
    • Party Events:
      • Capture the flag
      • Kill the Base
      • Team vs Team
      • Team vs Team Vip
      • Team vs Team Round
      • Team vs Team Naked
      • 4-Sides Team vs Team
      • Lucky Creatures
      • Handy's Block Checker
      • Siege War
      • Lovely Team vs Team (only during the valentines period)
      • Christmas Snow Fight (only during the christmas period)
    • Solo Events:
      • Last Hero
      • Death Match
      • Kabaleon Says
      • Race Mount
      • One vs One
      • Chaotic Zone
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