In-game Rules

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In-game Rules
« on: August 08, 2016, 09:39:19 pm »
  • Main rules:
    • Lineage 2 Lancer is only for the people who enjoy this game and the server itself, if you don't do just take the door.
    • Trolls, trash talkers, drama lovers, conspiracy lovers, haters, whiners, buggers, scammers, cheaters and other kind of toxic players are not welcome.
    • The server is made to be played, if you don't want to play the game you're at the wrong place, the people that "wants play"-"without play" are not welcome.

  • General common sense rules:
    • Respect all your fellow players, including staff!
    • Being verbally aggressive and/or destructive is a punishable offense, so if you are angry for anything, think twice before posting in forums or shouting ingame.
    • Play fair! This includes reporting exploitable bugs before abusing them as well as not tricking other players.
    • Bypass the server restrictions such as the event anti-dual box or any other feature which is intended to be used once per real person is the same as cheat and will be punished as such.
    • Any kind of explicit postings and statements are prohibited. This includes racism, pornography, discrimination, advertisement of other servers and all kinds of political propaganda.
    • Common sense is to be used for all the ingame actions and transactions. We will not compensate the lack of it.
    • Do not attempt to sell your in-game items for cash.

  • Accounts:
    • There is no limitation of how many game accounts you can have.
    • The sharing of accounts is not encouraged.
    • You are the only responsible for your account and the server staff don't give support if your account get leaked because you shared it, used a weak password, etc.
    • You as account owner are responsible for all actions done with it. This means you will also suffer punishment if someone else logs your account and violates this rule set.
    • When you create a character, its nick must not violate any point of this rule set, else it can get renamed or banned. Your nick may include standard English characters and numbers.
    • All created accounts are property of the server owners and can be deleted, banned or modified at any time.

  • General Behavior:
    • Heavy insulting of other players is forbidden and will be punished by the staff. The server staff have a short temper and can send your troll ass to hell if you piss them off, along with a ban.
    • Flaming, to a certain extent, is considered part of the game by most players and we will tolerate it as long as you don't seriously insult other players.
    • Don't behave like a troll, this means, no racism, no caps-lock, no "THIS IS A JOKE?", no "OH MY GOD" or "WTF"?
    • Don't make a hobby out of reporting other people for average flame or even lesser insults.
    • Don't annoy staff members or other players. This includes spamming of whispers, trades and begging for items or Adena.
    • Accusing other players of being "GM friend, edited, etc." will not be tolerated. Staff is friendly as long as you are friendly with them.
    • Keep such thoughts for yourself, no matter how sure you are that you are right. No staff members play in the server, but If you bully someone with such allegations, you can receive a serious punishment.

  • Use of the ingame chat:
    • The behavior guidelines apply to all chats. In addition, each chat must be used for it's designated purpose.
    • Trade chat is for trading. Continuous spam of same offers or requests is undesirable.
    • Shout chat is for general conversations. Do not use this chat to start or sustain a verbal war.
    • The content of hero chat conversations are subject to the same conditions like that shout chat.
    • The despective comments against the server or the server staff will result in a chat ban or account ban depending on the situation.
    • Advertising for other servers will result in a ban.

  • Gameplay:
    • PvP and PK are allowed unless you take part in an event which is organized by a staff member and which is obviously a non-PvP event.
    • High level characters are not allowed to molest low level characters.
    • Keep in mind that we need to welcome new people, not discourage them to join our server.

  • Olympiad:
    • Participants of the Olympiad are allowed to intentionally lose against others in order to transfer points (feeding), but we discourage this behavior.

  • Clan Behavior:
    • You should let the others grow as well, the aggressive domination goes nowhere.

  • Sieges:
    • Attack, defend, conquer or participate in a castle siege with an alt clan* is not allowed.
    • A castle that belongs to a clan that not play anymore can't be defended.
    • A castle that belongs to NPCs can't be defended.

  • Third party software:
    • The use of third party software (even talk about them, or accuse someone of using), like bots, packet hacks, scripts, etc, is totally forbidden.

*Alt clan is a clan or a secondary clan composed by one or few members, secondary characters or not active players.

The staff has the administrative sovereignty. Their decisions must be accepted at any time and can deviate from the rule set.
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