Our server restart policy

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Our server restart policy
« on: January 13, 2018, 12:35:57 pm »

At this post I'll try to clarify our server restart policy, the most important that you should know is that we don't have automated restarts, all the restarts are made manually.

We always have the same reason to restart the server; because is needed, we will never restart the server for fun or to bother the players, as well we will always try to make it on the 'lull hours' (when there are less people playing).

One of our most important goals during a server restart is to make it as fast as possible, our server have a 100% uptime and the restart process will never last more than 5 minutes.

Before restart the server we will always try to be sure that there is no one doing instances, events, ganak, bosses, etc...

In case that for whatever reason the restart catch you inside an instance all you should do is open a petition once the server is back, the server staff will reset your instance reuse.

If there is an automated event or gainak close to start when we restart, those will be started 10 minutes after the restart.

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