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Download the client

In order to play at Lineage 2 Lancer you will need to download our Updater.

Once you have downloaded it, you have to place it into a folder (or at the folder where you have the game installed), then run it as administrator and click at the UPDATE button.

You may need to download the .NET Framework 4.5 and the Visual C++ Redistributable x86 in order to run the updater.


Create your account

The accounts are automatically created, you can manage your accounts through the ingame account manager (located at the Community Board).

Remember to introduce yourself at our community forums, It is very important for us to know all our players!


Enjoy the server!

Once the Updater finish its work, you can click at the PLAY button or run the Lineage II.exe which is inside the system folder (as administrator) and enjoy the server!

Remember to play fair and follow the server rules! We care about the community health!

If you have any problem during the connection process, ask for help at the support section.




Raid Status Peace Respawn
Queen AntALIVENOT PEACEWaiting for brave warriors
CoreALIVENOT PEACEWaiting for brave warriors
OrfenALIVENOT PEACEWaiting for brave warriors
BaiumALIVENOT PEACEWaiting for brave warriors
AnakimALIVENOT PEACEWaiting for brave warriors
LilithALIVENOT PEACEWaiting for brave warriors
KelbimALIVEPEACEWaiting for brave warriors
AntharasALIVEPEACEWaiting for brave warriors
ValakasALIVENOT PEACEWaiting for brave warriors
LindviorALIVENOT PEACEWaiting for brave warriors
HeliosALIVENOT PEACEWaiting for brave warriors


We are a privately owned free-to-play Lineage 2 server. Running a good, stable server is not cheap and to do so we have to depend entirely on generosity of our players via donations.

Donations are vital to keep the server alive and up-to-date. It is also completely voluntary and we appreciate any help, doesn't matter how small.

Every donator will receive Medal of Glory as a reward for their contribution. You DONATE, you do NOT buy Medal of Glory with money.


In consideration of the mutual terms and conditions herein set forth, the Donor and Lineage 2 lancer agree as follows:
  • By submitting a donation to Lineage 2 lancer, the Donor agrees that they are NOT entitled to any goods, items or special treatment from the Lineage 2 lancer team. A Donor WILL receive a reward in form of Medal of Glory as a THANK YOU GIFT for your contribution.
  • This donation is COMPLETELY voluntary and is used to improve the Lineage 2 lancer server.
  • Any type of donation fraud will lead to permanent ban.
  • If you do not accept any of these terms, do not send a donation.
  • By sending a donation to Lineage 2 lancer, you agree to these terms and conditions.
  • By submitting a donation via PayPal/bank transfer/etc., the Donor agrees to the following terms and conditions:
    1. You will NOT attempt to revert your donation to Lineage 2 lancer provided you received the thank you gift in Medal of Glory. Proof of rewards will be kept for legal reasons.
    2. You will NOT dispute the charges incurred to your bank/PayPal account following the VOLUNTARY donation to the Lineage 2 lancer. PayPal will be shown a copy of this agreement upon donation.
    3. You are aware that this is a voluntary donation and it is NOT refundable or disputable at any time or any reason, provided you received the thank you gift in Medal of Glory.